Customs Express Supervision Center for an Airport

Two X-ray machines + 167m transmission line can realize the inspection and supervision of the imported and exported express mails of the customs; it is equipped with a contraband intelligent inspection system and intelligent checkpoint system

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Intelligent Composite Supervision Warehouse Project for a High-tech Zone

The efficient combination of intelligent storage, rapid sorting and transmission and real-time inspection opens up the new model of bonded businesses

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Customs Express Inspection & Supervision Project of a Cloud Warehouse

Three X-ray machines can realize the intelligent inspection and sorting, and can distribute the express mails to six logistics areas

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Cross-border Direct Mail Project for a Airfreight Station

The pilot enterprise of the new business model of the General Administration of Customs ensures the development of the dual business model of bonded cargo and direct mail

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Intelligent Inspection & Identification System for Passenger’s Luggage in an Airport

It is China s first intelligent inspection and identification system for passenger’s luggage, which can automatically identify contraband

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Inspection Channel of an Airport

It integrates the functions of electric gate control, infrared one-to-one measurement for human body, radioactive detection, fingerprint registration, passport scanning, mask s...

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Overall Solution for an Airport

Aiming at the business needs for national inspection, customs and border inspection, Sinocloud Wisdom professionally designs the highly intelligent inspection devices, provides...

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A channel-type Vehicle Disinfection System for a Port

The system is an innovative product for cloud computing and port applications It can realize full automation of the spraying disinfection process, greatly improve the eff...

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