Industry Pain Points

The bottleneck hit by the increasing workload and the manual processing efficiency

Insufficient application of automation and staff's heavy workload

Deficiency of data storage and data application

Poor efficiency and effects of inspection methods for goods containing prohibited articles such as harmful organisms

System Solutions

With the basis of algorithm library, image database and data storage, the Contraband Intelligent Recognition System, a cloud platform, possesses the most comprehensive X-ray image database of firearms and parts in China and calculates through multi-core GPU. It supports multiple image collection methods of X-ray images, which meets the need for intelligent security check and enhances the work efficiency of security personnel.

Contraband Intelligent Recognition
Basic Functions of Contraband Intelligent Recognition
  • 1X-ray picture display
  • 2Picture processing
  • 3Contraband recognition
  • 4Historical data query
  • 5Picture playback
  • 6Operation log query
  • 7User management
  • 8Authority management
Usage Scenarios
Service Hotline

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