What Are We Working On?
We analyze social risks by means of big data; we integrate various types of data related to social security such as security, anti-terrorism, safety supervision and road information, based on big data platforms; we conduct various types of security risk behavior analysis, such as group event prediction, risk event analysis, population flow trend analysis and decision trend forecasting, by means of focusing on the data generated from scope recording and daily social behavior monitoring as well as the combination of big data and AI; we carry out quantitative evaluation of various security postures and provide abnormality warnings for action prognosis and preliminary risk control.
Our Implementation Path
Correlation analysis on industry data
It concludes analysis of historical event trends, case predictions, suspect profiling and correlation analysis. Multi-dimensional data analysis is conducted through historical data and industry data to effectively predict and monitor social risks.
Modeling of risk events
The models of social risk events include the prediction model of group events, the recognition model of individual abnormal behaviors and the prediction model of decision-making trends. The inducements of social hazard events can be analyzed. Through modeling, study & judgment and speculation, risk events can be predicted and pre-warned. It can be applied in public security, anti-terrorism, public order, road check, security check and other fields.
AI algorithm
The AI algorithm is used to recognize abnormal behaviors in images and videos. It can timely detect, recognize and analyze abnormal behaviors in videos, and discriminate individual differences to perform risk prognosis and prediction. It can be applied in security checkpoints, traffic arteries, customs ports, large public places and so on.
Our Advantages
Abundant data
We have data sources that have accumulated for many years. With the continuous expansion of data samples and data types, the security data can support the modeling of various risk behaviors, and make the analysis model closer to the complexities of the real society in terms of prediction, evaluation, early warning, recognition and study & judgment of security postures.
Intelligent algorithm
Taking advantage of big data technologies such as semantic analysis, affective algorithms and machine learning, an intelligent algorithm makes it possible to rapidly recognize dangerous behaviors and abnormal individuals, and precisely locate the occurrence and prognosis of risks. With the improved accuracy of algorithms, the accuracy of the machine intelligence analysis will eventually approach or even exceed that of human judgment in terms of study & judgment of security postures.
Rich visualization effects
Various types of analysis charts bring users with brand new visual enjoyment. It contains non-traditional interactive visualization effects including those of regular charts and multiple big data visualization charts, fully demonstrating the multi-source display types and analysis results of various data.
Service Hotline

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