Big News | Port and Airport Enter Artificial Intelligence Era, and Sinocloud Wisdom Gains Funds of RMB 100 Million

2018-04-09 10:03:21

Sinocloud Wisdom is the leading provider of artificial intelligence and security application solutions in China. It devotes itself to wisdom security industrial application with independently researched and developed artificial intelligence technology, providing intelligent solutions for port, airport and other industries. Recently, Sinocloud Wisdom gained funds of RMB 110 million from Taizhou Shengxin industrial fund, TRS and other institutions. This is the first time that Sinocloud Wisdom officially enters B round financing after it gained tens of millions of venture capital from Tianhong funds subordinated by Alibaba and funds subordinated by Bank of Ningbo.

Since its foundation in 2013, Sinocloud Wisdom (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sinocloud Wisdom") keeps 300% annual revenue growth, and its user groups cover airport, cross-border e-commerce, customs, entry and exit inspection and quarantine, public security, security supervision, environmental protection and other industries and fields.

The rapid development of artificial intelligence is changing all aspects of society and life. Li Xin, the Sinocloud Wisdom founder and CEO stated, "With the coming of artificial intelligence era, there have been strong demands for the intelligent upgrading of traditional industries. Based on the combination of multiple technologies, such as Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, Sinocloud Wisdom provides overall security solutions for users. By means of the big data platform, machine learning, AI, IT and business scenarios, through the intelligent hardware, collection and analysis on internal and external data from business scenarios, Sinocloud Wisdom achieves data based business and data intelligence, and finally achieves business intelligence, so as to assist government sectors and operating enterprises to improve supervision efficiency, enhance safety factor and reduce labor intensity, and assist customers to transform the security control strategy from the manual model and passive defense into active intelligence."

In the Development Planning for a New Generation of Artificial Intelligence recently published by the State Council, it comes up with "Three-Step Development" strategy that, by 2030, China shall become the leading artificial intelligence innovation center in the world, with the artificial intelligence core industries are over 1 trillion and it will drive the related industries whose scales are 10 trillion. It shows that the top design of China artificial intelligence is improving. As the core driving force for a new round industrial transformation, artificial intelligence will become an important driving force for the economic development of China in the next 20 years. Furthermore, artificial intelligence also becomes the new focus of international competition, which is the advantage global leading economic entity and enterprise strive for.

According to Crunchbase's data, in the first half year of 2017, various investors in China invested about USD 3.6 billion in AI and machine learning companies, which surpasses the whole year investment volume in 2016. According to IT orange data, there are totally 916 investments and financing events happened in 870 artificial intelligence companies in China with funds of RMB 90.5 billion in total by July 2017.

Since its foundation for 4 years, Sinocloud Wisdom has been provided service for many high quality customers, including port, airport, subway, high-speed rail, government user from key sectors and large customers in a series of public institutions.

Li Wenbiao, the chief executive of district government in Taizhou Jiangyan of Jiangsu province, he introduced that Jiangyan technological city data hike is building Wisdom Jiangyan by bringing in E-Hualu company (300212) to make Yangtze River Delta data lake, which will become the biggest data infrastructure in the world. In addition, we will build up Yangtze River Economic Zone big health industrial agglomeration, promoting the construction of national level health care tourism demonstration base, and putting forth efforts to build national level safety emergency industrial base. We invest Sinocloud Wisdom for its artificial intelligence and industrial application. As the strategic partner of E-Hualu, its technology and cloud service will provide technology support for the local economic construction. In 2017, our district promoted industries to be innovative, quality and strong. Under the guidance of policy, we promote integrative development of producing, learning and researching, as well as improve advanced equipment manufacture and new energy equipment manufacturing industry. Drive the construction of research and development platform carrier by industrial funds and support enterprise for quicker constructions on technical center and engineering technology research center, in order to effectively promote high-end technology innovation breakthrough.

Shi Shuicai, the president of the "first stock of big data" TRS (300229) believes that, this round financing will help Sinocloud Wisdom expand market shares and improve big data handling capacity. The industry practices of Sinocloud Wisdom combined with the big data technology of TRS will continually strengthen the arrangement on government service, public security, national infrastructure construction and other fields to better meet customers' needs.

Broadband capital is the early investor for Sinocloud Wisdom, who ever invested Uber, Airbnb, Evernote, Dianping Holdings, Langxin Technology which went public recently and more than one hundred innovative companies. Its partner Zhou Yun said that the next tide must be industrial Internet (2B) and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has very broad prospects and it has been applied widely on the Internet of Things from family to industry level. All of these will create many new business opportunities and excellent enterprises. Sinocloud Wisdom is a strong enterprise in subdivided field with abundant team experience and long product history. Broadband capital believes Sinocloud Wisdom will become the leader in wisdom security field.

In Li Xin's opinion, the next generation of government service and enterprise service must be driven by data and artificial intelligence. "For the incomputable security" is our mission. Sinocloud Wisdom is the first team in China to apply deep learning and analysis of user behaviors to wisdom port and airport fields. It owns 252 intellectual properties, being far ahead of domestic peers. Now from the perspectives of market, policy and industry, artificial intelligence is facing opportunities. We will consider this financing as a new start to enhance the business layout on intelligent security check, airport, port, safety supervision and other fields, strengthen the research input on artificial intelligence and Internet of Things and consolidate the company's brand competitiveness. Besides, Sinocloud Wisdom launches and allies with several enterprises to establish artificial intelligence security industrial park in Jiangyan, Jiangsu province. It will organize "The second public security and emergency prevention forum" and etc. with Chinese Institute of Command and Control.

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