First Intercept of Immigrated Live Poultry by Sinocloud Wisdom's Device in Henan Port

2018-04-09 10:10:56

On the afternoon of Sep. 15, 2017, while checking a passenger's luggage from Taipei CZ3024 flight, the personnel of Henan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau airport office found that there is an incubator in it with 34 unknown poultry eggs (about 0.61 kg, size between chicken egg and quail egg).

Considering that no relevant quarantine approval was provided by the passenger, the personnel intercepted and quarantined on the eggs and live poultry. This was the first intercept of immigrated live poultry in Henan port.

The egg products intercepted by Henan port earlier were mainly poultry eggs before, which mostly came from Korea, Taipei, Japan, UAE, Hong Kong, Russia, Africa and other countries and areas belong to highly pathogenic avian influenza epidemic areas. The living animals are the main infection source and media for animal epidemic disease as well as human and animal diseases, especially the new pet and wildlife animals which may bring unknown pathogenic microorganism. A part of living animals may also involve the restriction requirements in Convention on international trade in Endangered Wild Fauna and Flora. Thus, the poultry and its products (eggs included) from these countries and areas have the high risks of bringing highly pathogenic avian influenza virus.

It is reported that the devices used in airports by Henan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau are from Sinocloud Wisdom.

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