Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Intelligence Detecting System Solutions for Building an Anti-terrorism Solid Backing and Convoying Security

2018-04-09 10:54:20

NBC terror refers to a terror method that terrorist organization or a terrorist mainly aiming at noncombatants, triggers serious hazard intentionally with politics purpose, which directly threats to national security and public life, as well as causes social instability and environmental disruption.


Recently, terrorist attacks happened frequently in Jordan, Switzerland and other places, which lead to many people died and injured. Terrorism is fully proved to be humans' public enemy. The international anti-terrorism situation is complex and severe due to the current rampant extreme terrorist force. Striking all forms of violent terrorism acts should become a common responsibility and priority task for regional countries and international society.


Hua Chunying, the Foreign Ministry spokesman ever said, China opposes firmly to all terrorism acts and support international society for striking terrorism. Currently, the frequency of international terrorist events and severe anti-terrorism situation in ports are big challenges for our inspection and quarantine tasks. Facing to such severe country condition, we must make efforts to build prevention system for NBC terror, improve the detection ability on port and secure the public health port security, which are the top priorities of our inspection and quarantine tasks.


Proposal of Setting up International Anti-terrorism Network in Ufa Summit


Nowadays, inspection and quarantine departments in many places carry out port NBC emergency disposal exercises. Some inspection and quarantine bureaus also establish specific port NBC detection work department, in order to be responsible for port NBC adverse factor inspection work specially. All of the mentioned actions lay a solid foundation for the inspection and quarantine departments to conduct emergency disposal tasks at China gate while inspecting NBC adverse factor, as well as prevent and control NBC events related to terrorism.


The Article 8 in Chapter 1 "General" of Anti-terrorism Act of the People's Republic of China, having come into force since January 1, 2016, stipulates "Public security organization, national security organization, people's procuratorate, people's court, administrative organization of justice and other relevant national organizations shall carry out job responsibility system and complete the anti-terrorism job well by law and task division."


The Article 40 in Chapter 3 "Security Protection" stipulates that "If suspects of terrorist activities or articles related to terrorist activities have been found by customs and Exit-Entry Frontier Inspection Organization, it shall be detained by law and transferred to public security organization or national security organization immediately. If any articles related to terrorist activities have been found by inspection and quarantine organization, it shall be detained by law and transferred to the public security organization or national security organization immediately."


Leaders of European Countries Took Part in Anti-terror Parade in France


Currently, most of the hazardous articles related to terrorist attack enter attacked country by mail and express. Thus, cutting off the logistics paths of terrorist attack by the relevant technology means will effectively restrain the terrorist attack.


A series of products on non-contact NBC quick intelligence detection system for mail, independent developed by Sinocloud Wisdom, are based on NBC monitoring and early warning. These products' functions are mainly expanded by NBC emergency rescue, security disposal, safety anti-terrorism and etc. It mainly provides detection and service related to NBC for national port management, inspection and quarantine, customs monitoring, public security and etc.



This system highly integrates nuclear detection, biological detection and chemical adverse factor detection based on intelligent hardware and AI algorithm, in order to build a comprehensive detection platform. It can achieve on-line automatic detection on nuclear adverse factor, biological adverse factor, chemical war material and industrial poison gas, as well as provide real time early warning according to detection results.


The system includes four subsystems and one set of central control software. The four subsystems are nuclear adverse factor on-line detection subsystem, biological adverse factor on-line detection subsystem, chemical adverse factor on-line detection system and X-ray intelligent auxiliary identification subsystem.



NBC software system operates on the basis of SaaS service model, which can achieve the automatic data collection, real time comparison, judgment and operation on the mail NBC detection through the integration of nuclear adverse factor on-line detection, biological adverse factor on-line detection and chemical adverse factor on-line detection; the software system has data automatic report, early risk warning and knowledge base function which can comprehensively raise the level to find NBC adverse factor and disposal; in addition, it shall be compatible for X-ray machine which can collect its data and operate uniformly with each system, in order to support BS frame, mobile view, cloud computing and intelligent identification on contraband by AI technology.



Sinocloud Wisdom helps establish national e-commerce demonstration base in Guangzhou Zhuang Yuan Valley


On May 24, 2016, Zhi Shuping, the director of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ), went to the national e-commerce demonstration base in Guangzhou Zhuang Yuan Valley to investigate the tasks of Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau accompanied by Yuan Baocheng, the vice-governor of Guangdong province and Zhan Siming, the director of Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Zhi Shuping, the director of AQSIQ, said that, “Intelligent inspection port” information platform already has the wide promotion and application conditions and it’s time to promote its application in the whole country.


As the explorer and pioneer of national security and cloud service, Sinocloud Wisdom will be constantly committed to the research of public security application and building of the "Cloud + End" intelligent security cloud platform of artificial intelligence and big data, so as to contribute to national security, port security and anti-terrorism career, and convoy for "the Belt and Road".


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